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Avanti Cigars

Among all the fine cigars we offer at Buy Little Cigars, Avanti comes in at the top of the stack! So if you enjoy an All-American, All-Natural, 100% US-Grown cigar as we do, then an Avanti cigar is right for you! Indeed, Avanti NEVER uses fillers (No Binder) or homogenized wrappers. Therefore, we recommend an Avanti to anyone who enjoys a clean, natural smoke and appreciates quality and freshness!

For 117 years, Avanti cigars have flourished in American culture. In fact, it’s even the preferred cigar of Clint Eastwood! However, it all began with three Italian brothers, Dominic, Anthony, and Frank Suraci, in New York City. By the 1930s, the Suraci brothers were responsible for 75% of all Italian-Style cigar sales in the US. And until this day, long after the brothers, Avanti is still one of the best selling cigars around. So by all means, we take pride in offering you Avanti at Buy Little Cigars! After all, our motto is based on Quality and Affordability, and Avanti provides both, so without question, they made our list of Top-Notch cigars!

Considered as one of the best cigars in America, we just couldn’t pass up this offer to you! All Avanti tobacco is hand-picked from either Kentucky or Tennessee, so you know it gets no better than that. Also, the tobacco is fire-cured and smoked over hickory logs before being fermented for a full body experience! So for all you good old boys out there, this 100% American-Made cigar will make you feel proud when you light up, just watch and listen to how people respond!