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High Hemp Wraps

With Hemp Wellness on the rise, there’s no better time than now to join the movement. Indeed, nowadays there’s no need to pollute your weed. With brands such as High Hemp dominating the market, it’s a surprise people still use tobacco-based products to roll their herbs, just seems crazy to us!

Speaking of High Hemp Wraps, These bad boys are unique in flavor, perfectly moist, slow-burning, and of course, made from premium-grade Hemp from the Netherlands. As a benefit, these particular wraps are 100% free of all dangerous preservatives, damaging pesticides, antibiotics, growth stimulants, GMOs, tobacco, nicotine, and toxic fertilizers. So if you’re looking for a CBD-Positive, all-natural Hemp wrap, then look no further than High Hemp.

Also, High Hemp Wraps come in 9 amazing flavors including Bare Berry, Blazin’ Cherry, Dutch Cream, Grapeade, Honey Pot Swirl, Hydro Lemonade, Maui Mango, Pineapple Paradise, and our personal favorite, Original. So, it’s pretty clear... when it comes to options, this brand has plenty to offer! Not to mention, they’re always adding new flavors to the roster!

All in all, choosing to go green by switching to High Hemp is a wise, yet excellent choice. In fact, these wraps are so impressive, you’ll definitely want to consider picking them up in bulk. Better yet, at bulk prices! That’s right; our 25-pack boxes are priced to sell, and they’re selling fast. So don’t delay, pick up a box of High Hemp today and save!