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High Hemp Organic Wraps

Since its debut, High Hemp Organic Wraps has dominated the industry in which it now owns! Plus, they set a market trend in the process! In fact, High Hemp was the first cigar manufacturer to launch Organic Wraps to the public, giving them instant superiority in the “Roll Your Own” Blunt Community! 

First and foremost, High Hemp Organic Wraps are made from 100% Pure Netherlands Hemp! That means you won’t find any traces of growth stimulants, antibiotics, or pesticides in any of its revolutionizing products! Not to mention, High Hemp Blunt Wraps are Tobacco and Nicotine Free! 

In addition to that, High Hemp NEVER uses Formulated Fertilizers when growing the Hemp it needs for production. Which means High Hemp represents the term “Going Green & Clean” to the fullest degree! 

Overall, High Hemp offers 100% Vegan-Approved All-Natural Organic Blunt Wraps! That means High Hemp Wraps are much Safer to consume than other market-leading cigarillo brands. 

So don’t delay, start saving today by scooping up our 25-count box display! Also, don’t neglect to take advantage of our Special FREE-SHIPPING PROMO! If you meet the requirements, it’ll save you tons more at checkout, and that’s a promise we’ll always keep!