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High Hemp Organic Honey Pot Swirl Wraps 25ct
High Hemp Organic Honey Pot Swirl Wraps 25ct
High Hemp Organic Honey Pot Swirl Wraps 25ct

Without a doubt, High Hemp’s Organic Honey Pot Swirl Wrap is the most delicious your money can buy! Plus, they only use 100% All-Natural Honey for flavor, making this a treat for Vegans, or for those who just prefer to stuff their blunts without a tobacco wrap! 

All in all, High Hemp is the world’s first Organic Hemp Wrap. Therefore, they don’t contain any nicotine, so they’ll never leave you feeling addicted. Also, these bad boys come with two filtered tips, which is something most machine-made wrap manufacturers don’t offer. Not to mention, every pack is sealed with an air-tight foil wrapper, allowing your wraps to stay fresh for long periods! 

So if you’re into smoking GMO-Free 100% Organic Wraps, then scoop yours up today and take blunt smoking to the next level. Currently, we offer all flavors in a box of 25 packs at the lowest prices in the world. With that said, happy shopping and let us know if you have any questi

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