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Job Cigarette Papers

JOB Cigarette Papers have been around since 1838, and with good reason. However, the story of how they came to be may not be as known. In the early half of the 19th century, Jean Bardou wanted to make rolling papers that were made from thin, pure rice paper. And so, he did. Once they became a success amongst others in the community, he began to market them simply with the initials J.B. However, between each initial was a diamond, and so it went that any time someone asked for these specific rolling papers, they would ask for JOB Cigarette Papers, and the name stuck. In 1849, Jean Bardou followed the masses and filed a patent for his rolling papers. The rest, well, is history.

These timeless rolling papers are still made in the same exact Belgium factory where it all started, and are now a popular cigarette paper all around the world. Coming in several varieties to please any smoker, JOB Cigarette Papers will have you enjoying your smoke like never before.