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Super Hemp Wraps

Selective smokers who seek superior blunt quality love Super Hemp Wraps. These premium wraps are made with the finest organic CBD positive hemp for a smoking experience like nothing else! As such, if you want to take your next high to even higher levels, you should definitely give Super Hemp Wraps a try!

Totally free of harmful additives, these pure and wholesome wraps allow you to truly savor your terpenes. Since they contain absolutely no tobacco, tar, or nicotine, everyone can enjoy them! These deliciously smooth wraps are also free of GMOs and gluten. They’re made with renewably sourced hemp so that you can smoke guilt-free!

Even the flavored wraps use only infusions of natural essences. For instance, Super Hemp Mango Wraps contain real ripe mango flavors that will give you a mouth-watering and juicy blunt! Moreover, Super Hemp Blueberry Pineapple Wraps mingle the fresh and fruity flavors of real pineapple and blueberries for a delightfully unforgettable blunt! Finally, there are Sweet and Original flavors that have been designed to make your herb the star of the show.

To make your smoking sessions more convenient, these wraps come in Super Seal pouches. These pouches contain two perfectly fresh hemp wraps. That way, every single blunt you roll is flat, crisp, and tasty. Also, these pouches are easy to carry with you anywhere! They’re incredibly handy and discreet to have on deck.

On the whole, Super Hemp Wraps are ideal for smokers who want a more natural and wholesome option. These premium wraps are also affordable! In fact, when you order them here, you’ll get some of the best prices around! Plus, we offer direct nationwide shipping and bulk shipping discounts on eligible orders!