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Super Hemp Wraps Mango 25 2PKS
Super Hemp Wraps Mango 25 2PKS
Super Hemp Wraps Mango 25 2PKS

If you’re ready to take your tastebuds on a tropical trip, Super Hemp Wraps Mango might be the perfect solution! Bursting with the sweet and tart flavor of sun-ripened mangoes, these delightful hemp wraps allow you to roll blunts like never before. Not only are they organic and pure, but they burn slowly and smoothly!

Moreover, hemp wraps are the perfect vehicle for your green. For one, they’re easy to roll with and hold their form for a great blunt. Then, they burn slowly, smoothly, and evenly for a gentle and rich smoke. Finally, these delicious wraps are free of harsh chemicals, nicotine, GMOs, and tobacco.

If you’re ready to try these wholesome and juicy wraps today, you can order them here at a great price! Plus, bulk orders are eligible for free shipping. Skip the trip to the smoke shop and save money at the same time!

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Catherine N on 08/16/2022
Love these! Great buy!

Ulicia S on 10/13/2021

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