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A RAW Cones and Products Guide 

Showcasing smooth burning flavor, organic contents, and simple to use designs, RAW Cones are indeed the best papers around! Perhaps, that’s why this product is currently one of the most popular rolling cone options on the market today! 

With this in mind, we’ve put together this product guide to walk you through RAW Cones, papers, accessories, and more! After reading, you’ll easily be able to decide if RAW is the best brand for your needs as a smoker. So without further ado, let’s get rolling! 

Where to Buy RAW Cones

Brief Background of the RAW Company 

Before we dive into everything that we like about RAW Cones and products, let’s first go over why the company that creates them is so impressive. It all started back in 1995. At the time, Josh Kesselman owned a smoke shop in Arizona. While working here, he noticed that there were many subpar rolling papers on the market. 

Even some of the best rolling paper options were made with harsh chemicals and concerning additives. Driven by a passion for cleaner, greener smoking products, Kesselman embarked on a quest to offer better rolling paper alternatives. Shortly after, he developed the RAW product line. It comes as no surprise that RAW rolling papers were, and still are, a smash hit! 

Where to Buy RAW Cones

RAW Rises and Grows

In fact, it wasn’t long before Kesselman introduced flavored versions of his high-quality rolling papers. For that reason, he created Juicy Jay’s wraps. Indeed, many RAW products have been developed over the years to satisfy the needs of selective smokers! 

Later, RAW paper production was moved to Alcoy, Spain. Here, these papers were produced year-round with the highest-quality organic, vegan, and hemp materials! 

Where to Buy RAW Cones

An Overview of RAW Rolling Cones 

After noticing a niche in the market for a simpler pre-rolled solution, the RAW company developed its signature rolling cones. RAW Cones have an easy-to-use design and are made with premium materials. Plus, they come in a range of styles and organic material types.

Where to Buy RAW Cones

Types of RAW Cones 

First, there are RAW Classic Cones. These classic cones are smooth, natural, and ideal for almost any smoking occasion. 

Furthermore, are RAW Classic King Cones. These big cones are ideal for big joints, parties, and much more. 

Also, there are organic RAW Classic Hemp and King Cones. Made with organic hemp fibers, these wholesome cones are a fan favorite! 

Where to Buy RAW Cones

Authentic RAW Products with a Wholesome Design 

In addition to their quality, flavor, and simplicity, RAW Cones are made with ethical practices. From helping the environment to saving dogs from shelters, the RAW company is known for its charitable efforts. To see all of the causes the RAW company contributes to, just visit their website! Truly, the list is extensive. 

Moreover, RAW hemp is sourced responsibly from sustainable farms! Therefore, smokers can rest easy knowing the products they love come from a background of green ethical sustainability! 

So, go ahead and feel good about smoking organic joints that taste great! It has never been easier to go green with your Ganja and indulge your senses with every puff! When it comes down to it, the RAW company is as wholesome as its products taste!

Where to Buy RAW Cones

A RAW Cones User Guide

With all of this in mind, let’s talk about how to actually use RAW Cones. Not to worry, these pre-rolls are incredibly simple. As a matter of fact, you can roll professional-looking joints with merely three easy steps!

To start, grind your green. You can pretty much use any type of grinder and grind consistency because RAW Cones are super versatile. Next, use the included packing straws to fill the cone. You can pack your pre-rolls tight or have a looser pack. Either way, these cones tend to have an even burn. 

Then, simply twist the end shut. No worries, these cones leave little room for guesswork, they’re super straightforward. The resulting packed cones look just like the high-dollar pre-rolls sold at posh dispensaries!

Where to Buy RAW Cones

Purchase RAW Cones at Great Discounts 

Now, you can easily buy a range of RAW products online at considerable discounts. Actually, if you know where to look, you can even get them at close to wholesale prices. To purchase RAW Cones for sale at deep discounts, just click here! home