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AyC Grenadiers Light 50ct Box
AyC Grenadiers Light 50ct Box
AyC Grenadiers Light 50ct Box

Famously known for their Dark and Light Grenadier cigars, Antonio y Cleopatra (AyC) made sure to offer every smoker something they can be proud of. With that said, we’d like to welcome you to try out an AyC Grenadier Light. Not only are they smooth and easy to smoke, but also pack the same amount of flavor that you’ll find in the Dark.

Carefully manufactured, AyC takes all the necessary steps to deliver quality and flavor. In fact, this truth can be discovered with their now Grenadier Lights! That’s right; it’s not easy to craft a light cigar using the same tobacco found in a Dark. However, AyC managed to pull it off, that’s why they’re one of the best cigars you can buy in the world. So before you cashout, make sure you have our 50-count box of Lights in your cart! Not only will these bad boys make your day once they arrive at your doorstep, but they’ll save you boatloads of cash!

Ayc Greanadier
ITG Brands LLC
Box of 50 Cigars

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