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Antonio y Cleopatra

Regardless if you just got home after a long day of work or if it’s a special occasion, either way, pulling out an Antonio y Cleopatra Grenadiers cigar is pure satisfaction! The sweet aroma will relax your senses and welcome you home! At the same time, an Antonio y Cleopatra can be the life of the party!

First and foremost, it’s not easy finding a bold, yet relaxing cigar at such a LOW price! But then again, they have one of the longest-running success stories in cigar history, which speaks volume on its own! The tobacco comes from Central America and is rolled in Natural wrappers only. In fact, you can get an Antonio y Cleopatra wrapped in either  Connecticut Shade, Broadleaf Maduro, or Indonesian; we have all three!

So as you can see, in terms of quality and reputation, Antonio y Cleopatra cigars come in at the top of the line! Therefore, we proudly offer this fine cigar to you and highly recommend it if you’ve never enjoyed one before! But for those who have come to love and appreciate an Antonio y Cleopatra cigar, we now offer the AyC Grenadier Dark 50ct Box at the lowest price online!