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AyC Grendiers Dark 5 Packs of 6
AyC Grendiers Dark 5 Packs of 6
AyC Grendiers Dark 5 Packs of 6

Are Cuban Cigars a little too pricey for your budget? Well, we have a perfect solution for you that will forever change the way you smoke! In fact, you might never by another brand again once you experience an AyC Grenadiers Dark Cigar! 

So to jump straight into the facts, AyC Grenadiers Dark cigars are made from 100% Cuban tobacco seed and grown in Puerto Rico, which enjoys the same tropical weather that you’ll find in Cuba! With that said, AyC Grenadiers tastes exactly like a real Cuban! But then again, they sort of are a Cuban, just grown a few miles away! So if you’ve been in search of a cigar that’ll enhance your smoking experience, then we totally recommend picking up our Grenadiers case, it comes with five boxes of cigars with 6 per pack for a price that our competitors are going to hate us for!

Ayc Grendier
ITG Brands LLC
6 Packs of 5 Cigars

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