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Backwoods Cigars Honey 8 Packs of 5
Backwoods Cigars Honey 8 Packs of 5
Backwoods Cigars Honey 8 Packs of 5

Hands down; Backwoods Honey Cigars is the company’s second best-seller after its Original flavor! However, some retailers in the country might put up an argument over these statistics because they sell more Honey than Original. 

The truth is quite straightforward; Backwoods Honey Cigars are Sweet & Bold. Indeed, you won’t find a blend that’s equally superior as this one right here! In fact, there might even become a time where Honey Backwoods outsells Original. That’s right; we know several Original Backwoods Cigar smokers, and once they tried out a Honey, the rest was history! Made from 100% Premium tobacco and All-Natural Honey, these particular sticks are perfectly balanced to deliver a long-lasting satisfaction that’ll expand well beyond your final pull. With this in mind, pick up our eight pack box and watch how fast they fly!

ITG Brands LLC
8 Packs of 5 Cigars

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