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Backwoods Cigars

Without a doubt, Backwoods Cigars are strickly mild and wild! They’re 100% made in the USA from all natural tobacco. Plus they’re wrapped in a genuine Broadleaf wrapper that’s aged for one year to bring out all its sweetness that one enjoys when smoking a Backwoods. Yes, we know they look like a gun-toting, stogie-chomping cowboy cigar, but the truth is, Backwoods are smooth and pack more flavor than your average cigar.

At Buy Little Cigars, we only select the finest cigars at the lowest prices to add to our store. With that said, it wouldn’t even be right if we didn’t add this All-American cigar to our list. Not to mention, we also provide a variety of flavors including Black & Sweet, Dark Stout, Honey, Honey Berry, Honey Bourbon, Russian Cream, Sweet Aromatic, and of course Original. However, Honey and Original are both HOT sellers and quite popular in major cities all across America!

All in all, Backwoods may look a little rugged, but they’re actually smooth and really flavorful. So if you’ve never experienced one before, then we highly recommend you taste a Backwoods before trying anything else. Better yet, if you purchase from Buy Little Cigars, we’ll ship your order to you right away so you can enjoy a Backwoods right away! Plus, you’ll even save a few bucks when you buy from us, guaranteed.