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Game Cigarillos Honey 30ct
Game Cigarillos Honey 30ct
Game Cigarillos Honey 30ct

First, we all know and can agree that Game Honey Cigarillos are delightful and superior in flavor!  Not to mention, they’re another hot-selling Game Cigarillo! Second, these sticks are superior in class, taste, and affordability! Not to mention, Game is a Garcia y Vega brand. Therefore, you can expect quality and consistency every time you light up a Game!

All in all, Game Honey Cigarillos are sweet, delicious, and provide a smooth, flavorful smoking experience. Plus, they’re made from a vintage blend of premium tobacco, and every cigar enthusiasts know, it gets no tastier than that. But then again, that’ll explain how Game Honey Cigarillos became one of the most widely sold cigars in America! So don’t delay, scoop your 30/pack box today!

Game Cigarillos
SMCI Holding, Inc
30 Packs of 2 Cigars

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Top Customer Reviews

Andre F on 10/31/2022
I always like the fast n quick service. Received product in timely manner.I continue to order from here long as have stock.

Kristopher S on 05/13/2022
Great taste, not to harsh either came in fast and fresh. Would definitely recommend these

Leigh A P on 03/25/2022
Great taste and smell.

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