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Djarum Special Little Clove Cigars
Djarum Special Little Clove Cigars
Djarum Special Little Clove Cigars

Djarum Special filtered cigars are spicy, with a strong flavor of cloves and hints of cardamom and cinnamon. Quality Indonesian tobacco with a big, strong body, all wrapped in even-burning, sweet-tasting brown paper. Djarum Special little cigars have a nice crackling sound when you drag on them. 10 packs of 12 little cigars.

10 Packs of 12 Cigars
PT Djarum
3 7/8
120 Little Cigars
Djarum Little Cigars

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Kay B on 08/27/2021
These have always been very expensive for me. And they're not usually locally carried. So I've always had to order them through a tobacco store which is very expensive. Finding you during the covid issue has actually been a blessing for me. Still on the expensive side but I always get what I want and I always enjoy

Catherine V on 07/07/2021

Kimberly P on 02/23/2021

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