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Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco Red 16 oz
Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco Red 16 oz
Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco Red 16 oz

Golden Harvest Red by Rouseco Tobacco is an all-natural brand that manufactures America’s favorite flavors using the perfect blends of tobacco. That’s right; Golden Harvest Full-Flavor Reds comes packed to the brim with sweet bright Virginia, Sun-cured Turkish, and of course, Kentucky Burley. So if you’re tired of paying ridiculous prices for so-called name brands, such as Marlboro, then switch to Golden Harvest Red and save thousands, starting today! Indeed, our big 1lb bag comes fully loaded with enough premium-grade tobacco to roll at least 30 packs of Reds for less than fifteen bucks! Plus, this offer is good in all 50 states, including New York where a package a Reds can cost upward to fifteen dollars alone! So switch to Golden Harvest Red today and let the savings begin! 

Rouseco Tobacco
Golden Harvest
Full Flavor
16oz (1lb) Bag

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Harriet L C on 12/20/2023
Always top grade and a smooth smoke. Packs well in tubes and gives you a very good smoke. I cannot go back to a bought cigarette. These are much better!!

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