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Largo Pipe Tobacco Menthol 6oz
Largo Pipe Tobacco Menthol 6oz
Largo Pipe Tobacco Menthol 6oz

If you’re looking for something cool & refreshing, then seek no further than Largo Mint by Republic Tobacco! Not to mention, Largo Mint is made from premium, fine-cut Virginia tobacco, and Fresh Mint. So if you’re ready to take your smoke life to new heights, then you must first take back control of your spending and ditch those expensive Newports/Kools and switch to something more affordable and healthier, such as Largo Mint. In fact, our exclusive 6oz bag provides enough quality tobacco to roll at least 200 Class-A cigarettes for under ten bucks! With this in mind, you COULD be saving thousands of dollars! So in the meantime, we’ll let you do the math and think about it; however, we believe this switch is a no-brainer! 

Republic Tobacco
6oz Bag

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