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Largo Pipe Tobacco Regular 6oz
Largo Pipe Tobacco Regular 6oz
Largo Pipe Tobacco Regular 6oz

Largo Regular by Republic is an all-natural, all-American tobacco brand and flavor that’ll allow you to save thousands of dollars over the next 12 months! In fact, our popular 6oz bag of Largo comes stuffed with enough Sweet Virginia to roll at least 200 cigarettes! In other words, that’s like getting 10 packs of smokes for well under ten bucks! So as you can see, the savings are enormous, especially if you live on the east coast where a pack of squares sells for over ten dollars a pack! Besides saving a load of cash, Largo Regular is authentic tasting, natural, well-balanced, flavorful, and of course, affordable! With this in mind, scoop up our famous 6oz bag of Largo Regular and let the savings begin! 

Republic Tobacco
Full Flavor
6oz Bag

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