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Bugler King Size Cigarette Making Machine
Bugler King Size Cigarette Making Machine
Bugler King Size Cigarette Making Machine

The truth is, people are ditching their standard pack of cigarettes like never before. Yes, we’ve been rolling our own smokes for centuries, but over the past few decades, folks have shifted away from tradition by going with packs of mass produced filtered cigarettes.

However, all of that is rapidly changing! Indeed, smokers are now going back to rolling their own. Luckily for those who switch, there are really cool and convenient Cigarette Rolling Machines out there like the Bugler Cigarette Injector, which simply makes the perfect King-Size (Regular/84mm) cigarettes!

Not only is rolling your own tobacco a SMART choice, but it’s also a lot more cost-effective! As for the Bugler Cigarette Injector, well this handy little tool allows you to perfectly roll filtered smokes, just like the ones you enjoy. With that said, pick yours up today and start manufacturing your own cigarettes by tomorrow!

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Timothy K on 07/04/2020
It's by far the best single injector on the market. My last one lasted almost 10 years of heavy use

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