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Gambler King Size Cigarette Injector
Gambler King Size Cigarette Injector
Gambler King Size Cigarette Injector

Just like the Gambler 100mm Cigarette Injector, we also offer the same one for King Size cigarettes. And just like all other Gambler Cigarette Rolling Machines that we sell, this one is also made of high-grade plastic and built with durable parts. So in terms of strength and longevity, this bad boy has the muscle to manufacture cigarettes for years to come! 

The truth is, the Gambler King Size Cigarette Rolling Injector is a complement of Premium Gambler Pipe Tobacco. At the same time, it’s affordable and saves you hundreds, if not thousands of hours and dollars! Indeed, just think of how much time you lose running to the store to buy smokes, it may seem like a quick stop, but in reality, you’re losing time and money! 

All in all, smokers who manufacture their own cigarettes are spending slightly less than $2 a pack! That includes buying Cigarette Tubes and of course a Gambler Cigarette Injector!

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