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Top O Matic T2 Cigarette Making Machine
Top O Matic T2 Cigarette Making Machine
Top O Matic T2 Cigarette Making Machine

To begin with, we understand that the Top-O-Matic T2 Cigarette Making Machine isn’t as exciting as some of the other Top-O-Matic Electric devices. However, in terms of dependability and ease of use, the T2 comes through every time! Not to mention, it works flawlessly without much effort. Plus, every cigarette this bad boy manufactures turns out perfectly packed and ready to be smoked. 

Other than that, the T2 has a slide resistance bottom, allowing the Cigarette Machine to remain in place while in use. Also, you can remove the bottom plate so you can reach inside to the gears and mechanisms, making it very easy to clean out in case if any loose tobacco got inside. Furthermore, the T2 Cigarette Machine was designed with longevity in mind. In other words, it’s built tough and will make 100’s and Kings Size cigarettes for many years to come, saving you an abundance of time and cash!

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Victor D on 07/11/2020
It is the best machine I have had.

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