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Twisted Hemp Grape Burst Wraps 15ct
Twisted Hemp Grape Burst Wraps 15ct
Twisted Hemp Grape Burst Wraps 15ct

15 Pouches of 4. 60 Hemp Wraps Total.

Boasting a bold and delicious taste from the very first pull, Twisted Hemp Grape Burst Wraps are sure to fill your mouth with flavor while you toke away. Created from 100% Hemp, these bad boys are entirely free of both nicotine and tobacco, making them suitable and safe for even a Vegans to consume! 

Thanks to its sweet and moist texture, these wraps are easy to use, allowing you to manufacture the perfect blunt every time! In addition to that, they’re also very economical. Indeed, these Blunt Wraps come with Four in a Pack! 

On that note, we invite you to take a second look at our prices… Go ahead; we’ll wait for you… As you can see, we sell Twisted Hemp Organic Blunt Wraps cheaper than anyone out there! So don’t delay, scoop yours today and take blunt smoking to the next level.

15 Pouches of 4 (60 Wraps)
Grape Burst
Twisted Hemp

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