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Twisted Hemp Wraps 

To dive straight into the facts, Twisted Hemp Wraps are rapidly becoming America’s favorite Blunt Wrap! Indeed, everyone nowadays is smoking Organic roll your own wraps that consist of all-natural ingredients! In other words, keeping the green clean is how we like to smoke in 2019 and beyond. 

First and foremost, Twisted Hemp Wraps are made from Pure Canadian Hemp! Therefore, these roll your own wraps are 100% Nicotine & Tobacco-Free! Not to mention, they’re Vegan-Approved, so Twisted Hemp Wraps are ideal for even the pickiest of smokers! Plus, you get four blunt wraps per pack, which twice more than what most manufacturers offer. Also, Twisted Hemp Wraps are always delivered fresh and moist, allowing you a smooth, slow-burning smoking experience from the first rip and until the last. 

So before you consider anything else, we recommend picking up a few of our 15-count boxes for a price that will instantly put money back in your pocket as soon as you order. Furthermore, we’ll save you even more cash if your purchase goes over $199 at the time of checkout. That’s right; we’ll shoot your order out with god-speed and Free-Shipping, regardless of weight. So why wait? Get yours today, and start saving right away!