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Twisted Hemp California Dream Wraps 15ct
Twisted Hemp California Dream Wraps 15ct
Twisted Hemp California Dream Wraps 15ct

15 Pouches of 4. 60 Hemp Wraps Total.

To start with, Twisted Hemp California Dream Wraps are a Full-Width, Machine-Made Wrap made from 100% Hemp. That’s right; these delicious Blunt Wraps contain NO Tobacco or Nicotine, so they provide a smooth, cool smoke that can be enjoyed on any given summer day! And the best part is, you don’t have to be in Cali to enjoy the California Dream! 

All in all, these bad boys are made from High-Quality Hemp. Therefore, they put off a pleasant aroma that’s both unique and engaging! So if you’re the kind of toker who doesn’t like a lot of attention, then we recommend smoking Twisted Hemp far away from people! 

With this in mind, we think these Blunt Wraps are a Sweet Buy! Not only are they economical and healthier to consume that standard wraps, but they’re also long-lasting, guaranteeing freshness until you’re finished!

15 Pouches of 4 (60 Wraps)
California Dream
Twisted Hemp

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