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Zig Zag Cones Pineapple 15ct
Zig Zag Cones Pineapple 15ct
Zig Zag Cones Pineapple 15ct

The truth is, Zag Zag Pineapple Cones are completely irresistible! Not only are they bursting with juicy Pineapple flavors, but they’re also slow-burning and pleasant to smoke from start to finish! 

All flavors of Zig Zag Cones come with a protective case and a packing tool, allowing you to easily stuff your cone without disappointment. So if you’re the kind of smoker who doesn’t like to roll, then you’re in luck! In fact, all you’ll have to do with these bad boys is stuff, pack, and burn! 

All in all, Zig Zag Cones are conveniently priced, making them affordable for any budget. Plus, they come in a protective case, allowing you to take your cones on the go without the worry of them ever getting crushed. So pick your supply up today and watch how fast they go!

Zig Zag

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