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Zig Zag Cones Blueberry 15ct
Zig Zag Cones Blueberry 15ct
Zig Zag Cones Blueberry 15ct

To be blunt, a lot of online retailers out there are describing the Zig Zag Cones as simple, stuff-and-go pre-rolled wraps! But the truth is, they only write descriptions, yet they have no first-hand experience. However, at BLC, we have plenty of it, so this is the TRUTH about Zig Zag Cones. 

First, these bad boys are perfect for those who don’t like to roll and for those who can’t. Indeed, Zig Zag Cones come packaged all ready to go, but you still need to sit down, be patient, break up your goods, and carefully pack it with precision. After that, then you’ll be ready to go! 

So to begin with, we recommend going with Zig Zag Cone Blueberry. Not only are they a Hot-Seller, but they’re also packed with a juicy Blueberry flavor that’ll enhance your smoke session to the MAX.

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Edmund M on 12/21/2021
Nice and fresh

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