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Three Reasons to Give These Stogies a Try 

Have you been looking for cigarillos with amazing chocolatey vanilla flavors? If so, you’ll definitely want to give White Owl Swirl Chocolate Vanilla Cigarillos a chance. For one thing, these mildly sweet cigarillos have an amazing smell. Also, their flavor is like nothing else! Here, we’ll walk you through everything to know about these decadent White Owl stogies. 

1.) You Can Access an Amazing Flavor Sensation

When it comes to flavor and smell, White Owl is known for making awesome products. White Owl cigars and cigarillos have been pleasing the taste buds of smokers for years! As such, it comes as no surprise that White Owl Swirl Cigarillos are a delicious option to try. 

First, you will notice the delicious scent of these cigarillos. Indeed, when you open a White Owl Swirl foil packet, the aroma of cocoa and French vanilla will immediately make your mouth water. You could compare the smell to a vanilla bean brownie. Next, when you take a draw, you will detect rich chocolatey flavors. Similar to the creamy taste of chocolate milk, these sweet mellow cigars are delicately sweet.   

2.) These Cigars are Made With a Great Tobacco Blend

Another reason to try White Owl Swirl Cigarillos is their premium tobacco blend. In fact, every White Owl Cigarillo implements a fusion of genuine Cuban-seed tobacco. Stuffed delicately into a swirled wrapper, the flavor combination is simply divine. Overall, the profile is mellow and smooth with delicately sweet notes and pure Cuban tobacco flavors. 

3.) This is a Relaxing and Mellow Smoke

Finally, White Owl Swirl cigarillos are relaxing to smoke. As you take each draw, the flavor-infused wrapper exudes essences of chocolate and vanilla in an even pattern. Since these cigars burn slowly and evenly, you can take your time and savor each silky mouthful of smoke.  

Other Great White Owl Cigarillo Flavors

Apart from the Chocolate Vanilla Swirl flavor, White Owl offers a range of other deliciously infused cigar and cigarillo blends! For instance, if you’re in the mood for something tangy and refreshing, there’s a Blackberry Mojito flavor that’s absolutely unrivaled. 

Alternatively, for those seeking sweet fruity tartness or tropical tastes, there are Duos Cigarillo flavors like Mango Pineapple, Strawberry Lemonade, and Coconut Rum to try! Other awesome flavors include Grape, Honey, Peach, Spiked Lemonade, and White Chocolate! Therefore, if you’ve been looking for cigarillos with a smooth even burn and awesome unforgettable flavors, White Owl is the brand to try. 

Where to Buy White Owl Swirl Cigarillos 

So where can you buy these delicious cigarillos? Well, to access White Owl Swirl cigarillos and a range of other awesome products, simply click on the link featured above. By shopping online, you can simultaneously save a ton of money and time! Best of all, your fresh cigarillos will arrive in the mail hassle-free. Do yourself a favor and check it out! home