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4 Kings Cigarillos French Vanilla 15ct
4 Kings Cigarillos French Vanilla 15ct
4 Kings Cigarillos French Vanilla 15ct

The truth is the name. Indeed, these 4 Kings Cigarillos are packed with rich French Vanilla flavors that’ll awaken your senses and have you feeling fresh all day long! 

Made from carefully selected tobacco leaves, 4 Kings Cigarillos are famously known for quality and affordability. Not to mention, the fact that you'll get 4 Kings per pack is an instant seller by itself. Indeed, only a few manufacturers out there offer such a killer deal, but none offer such a wide variety of flavors as 4 Kings Cigarillos! 

In addition to that, no other online retailer offers a sweet 15-count box of these deliciously tasting Frech Vanilla Kings at a price that can rival with ours! So pick yours up today and start saving money one pack at a time!


4 Kings
Good Times USA
French Vanilla
15 Packs of 4 Cigars

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Rachel s on 06/16/2023
Too much artificial flavor

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