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4 Kings Cigarillos Melonberry 15ct
4 Kings Cigarillos Melonberry 15ct
4 Kings Cigarillos Melonberry 15ct

With a name that sells itself, 4 Kings Melonberry Cigarillos are a crowd pleaser for sure! Indeed, these sticks will turn heads as soon as the aroma hits the air! However, your experience as the smoker is going to be much more intense than theirs!

Overall, 4 Kings Cigarillos are made from premium tobacco leaves straight from the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic! So not only are they packed with flavor and quality, but they’re also one of the only cigarillos manufactures out there that offer four for a buck! 

In addition to that, when you purchase your supply at BLC, we save more money by offering you a unique 15-count box of 4 Kings Melonberyy Cigarillos for less than a dollar each!

4 Kings
Good Times USA
15 Packs of 4 Cigars

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