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4 Kings Cigarillos Kiwi Berry 15ct
4 Kings Cigarillos Kiwi Berry 15ct
4 Kings Cigarillos Kiwi Berry 15ct

Straight out of the gate, 4 Kings Kiwi Berry was an instant Hot-Seller! But then again, since when did Kiwi and Berry not go together? 

Indeed, when blended, these two fruits have created one of the most irresistible flavors known to man! Taking that fact into consideration, 4 Kings Cigarillos knew precisely what they had to do... and they did exactly that when they crafted the Kiwi Berry Cigarillo! Not to mention, they manufactured these bad boys using only High-Quality, Premium Grade-A tobacco from the tropical island of the Dominican Republic.

With that being the case, they’re able to provide us through their parent company, Good Times USA, with mind-blowing deals that are simply too appealing to pass on. So pick up your supply of 4 Kings Kiwi Berry Cigarillos today and start enjoying all the extra cash you’ll sock away in the process!


4 Kings
Good Times USA
Kiwi Berry
15 Packs of 4 Cigars

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Top Customer Reviews

Amanda B on 07/11/2022

Leigh A P on 03/25/2022
Very good taste and smell.

Alexis W on 03/04/2022
Will be ordering again

Christopher R on 01/18/2021
Flavor is there. Not sure yet if tightly wound. Kiwi is like an ostrich for tesla with liberty mutual insurance. Yikes.

Nancy F on 12/27/2020

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