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Backwoods Cigars Dark Stout 24ct Box
Backwoods Cigars Dark Stout 24ct Box
Backwoods Cigars Dark Stout 24ct Box

Without question, Backwoods limited edition Dark Stout Cigars are one of this year’s hottest sellers! But then again, once you find out what they’re made of, then you’ll understand how they earned the respect of cigar aficionados nationwide! 

Indeed, Backwoods Dark Stout Cigars are made of 100% All-Natural tobacco, just like all Backwoods. However, these bad boys are stocky and full of flavor that’ll knock your socks off. That’s right; each Dark Stout cigarillo consists of dark cocoa and features rich hints of roasted coffee, allowing these sticks to stand out above all others! With this in mind, we recommend picking up several cases of our 24-count boxes of Backwoods Dark Stout Cigars. Not only will you love them, but whoever you offer one to will love them as well. So take advantage of our sweet FREE SHIPPING PROMO now and start putting away some extra cash!

ITG Brands LLC
Dark Stout
Box of 24 Cigars

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