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Backwoods Cigars Original 8 5CT
Backwoods Cigars Original 8 5CT
Backwoods Cigars Original 8 5CT

As many will agree, Backwoods Original Cigars are America’s #1 Favorite Cigarillo! Indeed, Original is Backwoods Top-Pick flavor in the United States and has been since its introduction in 1981. So in terms of credibility, Backwoods enjoys plenty of it. 

Overall, Backwoods Original Cigars are an All-American Classic! Known for its unique rich & bold flavors, these bad boys are an instant winner from the first pull onward. Not to mention, they only use Premium High-Quality Tobacco in all their cigar products, which allows them to stand out above the competition. On top of that, Backwoods wraps its cigars with a 100% All-Natural Connecticut Leaf that’s been aging for more than one year! With that said, we welcome you to pick up our 8-Pack Box Special for a price that’ll surely anger every retailer on the internet. So don’t delay! Save by getting your Backwoods Original Cigars at BLC today! 

Backwoods Cigars
ITG Brands LLC
8 Packs of 5 Cigars

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