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Wildhorse Green 6oz Pipe Tobacco
Wildhorse Green 6oz Pipe Tobacco
Wildhorse Green 6oz Pipe Tobacco

According to the books here at home, Wildhorse Green is quickly becoming one of our best-sellers, among many other of course. Nonetheless, this unique blend by King Maker is selling out fast. But don’t worry, we always keep our supply loaded, so whenever you need to stock up, just keep in mind, BLC is fully-equipped. So if you’re looking for a smooth, well-balanced blend that’s bold and superior in flavor and quality, then seek no further than Wildhorse Green Menthol Tobacco. Indeed, this good stuff is maxed out with a cool, refreshing blast of fresh mint. With this in mind, we absolutely recommend giving Wildhorse Green a try, especially if you love Newports and want to save a few extra thousand dollars this year!

King Maker Marketing Inc
6oz Bag

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