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Wildhorse Blue Pipe Tobacco 16oz
Wildhorse Blue Pipe Tobacco 16oz
Wildhorse Blue Pipe Tobacco 16oz

Wildhorse Blue Tobacco by King Maker is a smooth, well-balanced blend that commands a rich, full-flavor smoke that’s both fulfilling and of course, satisfying! Like most, Wildhorse only uses a perfected blend of Virginia & Burley in its tobacco products; however, all blends are unique despite using the same leaves. With that said, the makers of Wildhorse, surely know their tobacco, but don’t take it from us alone, just ask somebody you know or go try it out yourself as we did. As a result, we can definitely say Wildhorse Blue is a premium blend and we totally recommend it for anyone looking for an affordable, smooth, natural, authentic tasting tobacco!

King Maker Marketing Inc
16oz (1lb) Bag

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Salli B on 06/28/2021
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Pathowerton H on 09/09/2020

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