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Wildhorse Green 16oz Pipe Tobacco
Wildhorse Green 16oz Pipe Tobacco
Wildhorse Green 16oz Pipe Tobacco

Wildhorse Green Pipe Tobacco by King Maker provides a smooth, well-balanced US-blend of premium, medium-cut sweet Virginia and Kentucky Burley. Not to mention, Wildhorse Green comes loaded with a cool, refreshing blast of fresh mint. Indeed, if Newport smokers only knew what they were missing, then the overpriced brand would no longer exist. Unfortunately, millions of smokers worldwide, especially here at home in the US, waste their hard earned money on buying expensive, chemically-infused tobacco when they could save thousands by going all-natural and rolling their own smokes! Do the math, one 16oz bag of Wildhorse Green sells for roughly fifteen bucks, of that one pound of tobacco, one can manufacture up to 30 packs of cigarettes! Now, sit back and just think about that for a little while.

King Maker Marketing Inc
16oz (1lb) Bag

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Donna S on 06/27/2022

Pamella P on 04/07/2022
the menthol is not to strong or weak just right for me

Salli B on 06/28/2021
Great customer service

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