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Zig Zag Wraps Apple 25 2PKS
Zig Zag Wraps Apple 25 2PKS
Zig Zag Wraps Apple 25 2PKS

First, Zig Zags Apple Blunt Wraps will enhance your smoking experience to the max! Secondly, these bad boys are easy on the wallet and have a long lifespan! So if you’re looking to get all the natural sweetness and flavor from your blunt, then seek no further than Zig Zag’s natural tasting Apple Wrap! 

Overall, Zig Zag uses a distinct application system combining the finest Dominican, Nicaraguan, and Honduran tobaccos to create a perfect wrap, which has now become unprecedented in the US market place. 

As for the Zig Zag Apple Blunt Wraps, they come in an air-tight foil pouch of two and are always delivered fresh! After all, these bad boys are manufactured by the National Tobacco Company in  Louisville, KY, so if that doesn’t speak volume, then we don’t know what to say!

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Christopher S on 03/25/2021
It's what I thought. Thanks!!!

Brittany C on 01/18/2021
Great flavor, I'm not usually a fan of apple flavors but this is a personal favorite! Fast shipping and fresh quality

Chris B on 10/27/2020

Jennifer K on 08/25/2020

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