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Backwoods Cigars Honey Bourbon 24ct Box
Backwoods Cigars Honey Bourbon 24ct Box
Backwoods Cigars Honey Bourbon 24ct Box

First & foremost, when it comes down to flavor, Honey Bourbon Backwoods will totally rock your tastebuds! Not to mention, these bad boys cost just as much as all the other fake Honey Bourbon Cigars out there on the market these days! Which is impressive considering the difference in class! In other words, it’s simply mind-blowing to know how many people settle for crap tobacco and quantity over quality, taste, and affordability!

Indeed, Backwoods are made with 100% All-Natural tobacco and Kentucky Honey Bourbon! Now if that doesn’t get your tastebuds excited, then only a doctor can help you! However, we’re all about saving you time and money, so that’s why we’re telling you! So skip the Doc and save a trip, pick up our 24-count box and win big!

ITG Brands LLC
Honey Bourbon
Box of 24 Cigars

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Kimberly H on 10/18/2021
Best No issues Burn well

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