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Black and Mild Filter Tip Cigars 110mm 10 5pks
Black and Mild Filter Tip Cigars 110mm 10 5pks
Black and Mild Filter Tip Cigars 110mm 10 5pks

Black & Mild Filtered Tip Cigars are made from high-quality tobacco and rich, creamy flavors that’ll totally enhance your personal Black & Mild experience to the MAX. In fact, you may never go back to the standard Black after smoking one of these bad boys! Indeed, the 110mm Filtered Cigar is a gentleman’s smoke that shows class and good taste! 

All in all, this particular Filtered Cigar has an All-Natural tobacco wrapper and a homogenized binder that’s evenly filled and ready to smoke. Once lit, very pull releases rich aromatic flavors into the air, even non-smokers enjoy the distinctive scents coming from your Black & Mild Filtered Tips.

On that note, let’s skip all the small talk and get straight to the point. The truth is, Filtered Tip Black & Milds are a hot-seller, so don’t skimp yourself by settling for anything less than our 10-count box deal. Each pack comes with the standard five, so get your supply now!

Black And Mild
John Middleton Co
Mild Cream
10 Packs of 5 Cigars

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