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Black & Mild Cigars

Hands down, Black & Mild Cigars are one of the most popular machine-made cigars in the United States. In fact, you can stroll into almost any gas station or corner store and quickly pick a pack up. However, if you purchase your Black & Milds from Buy Little Cigars, you save money and won’t ever have to worry about the freshness of your order. Indeed, our cigars are ALWAYS shipped fresh and NEVER sold stale!

Manufactured in the USA, Black & Mild Cigars are made with pride. In terms of quality, you can expect every pack to deliver a satisfying experience! The slim 5 x 30 cigar is perfect for short breaks and the enthusiast on the go! So to ensure you NEVER run out, make sure to check out our variety of Box Sets. Regarding affordability, our online prices are undisputed. Plus, we offer a sweet FREE-SHIPPING PROMO when you order at least $199 at Buy Little Cigars.

As you can see, we save you money when you shop at our premium online cigar store! Regardless, if your loyal smoker or a small business owner, buying your cigar products at Buy Little Cigars is a win-win all around! So if you’re looking to stock your shelf with a line of Black & Milds, then we need to hook up and make it happen! Indeed, we carry an array of flavors including Mild Apple, Cream, Jazz, Wine, Sweets, Cherry, and of course, Original. Also, we sell wood tips and shorts, just to keep it versatile!