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Black and Mild Original Wood Tip Cigars 25ct Box
Black and Mild Original Wood Tip Cigars 25ct Box
Black and Mild Original Wood Tip Cigars 25ct Box

Listen up all you tobacco aficionados out there, if you haven’t smoked a Black & Mild Original Wood Tip Cigar yet, then you’re really missing out on something truly unique, especially if you’re a pipe smoker! 

Indeed, the classical wooden tips give Black & Cigars authenticity and character. After all, Black & Milds consist of premium pipe tobacco, minus the pipe. However, the wooden tip does restore the wood taste that you simply won’t get with your standard plastic tips. Yes, we agree, smoking a cigar doesn’t replace your trusty pipe; however, Black & Mild Original Wood Tips are the closest it gets! 

With this in mind, skip the line and scoop up a 25-count box of single B&M Wood Tips today! Not only will you save on time and money, but you’ll save on gas too, which ultimately means more cash for you!

Black And Mild
John Middleton Co
Mild Original
Box of 25 Cigars

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Top Customer Reviews

James S on 11/27/2023

Mary C on 12/22/2021
It's been a great gift for my husband...he loves the box of single wraps. Thanks so much!

Marcell A on 02/10/2021
I made the purchase for a friend.

Dana J on 09/13/2020

Heather L on 08/25/2020
Love it great price and fast delivery

Dana B on 08/24/2020
This is my husband’s favorite cigar and it has been really hard to find them locally lately. Fast shipping made his day.

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