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Wildhorse Pipe Tobacco

Without a doubt, fresh Wildhorse pipe tobacco is proof that a well-balanced, mellow blend is all it takes to create a full-body experience that’ll genuinely dazzle your taste buds! In fact, this premium, medium-cut tobacco is 100% grown in the USA! Plus, it delivers a soothing smoking experience that’ll become irresistible once it’s time to kick back, relax, and fire up old smokey!

In addition to quality and taste, we at Buy Little Cigars offer the most affordable deals on Wildhorse tobacco as well. Actually, we have the lowest prices on the internet and in person! Not to mention, when you shop with us, you save time, money, gas, and the hassle of having to chase down that old Wildhorse!

At the moment, we offer the 16oz air-tight, resealable pouch of Wildhorse for all of you smokers looking to stock up! Plus, we provide the 6oz bags as well, which is really great if you’re on the go and want to bring your horse along! Well, now you can, better yet, Wildhorse tobacco makes for a great cigarette as well. Currently, we have Regular, Menthol, and Smooth Blue flavors to choose from.

Now all you’ll have to do is head over to our Smoking Accessories section and scoop you up some papers, or maybe even a cigarette rolling machine and that’s it, the rest is history! Never will you have to go without your Wildhorse again! Plus, you can still toke away on your pipe when the time is right.


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