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Black and Mild Wine Cigars 10 5pks
Black and Mild Wine Cigars 10 5pks
Black and Mild Wine Cigars 10 5pks

Without a doubt, Black & Mild Wine Cigars are so delicious that they’ll have your singing “Red Red Wine” every time you put one in the air! Indeed, these Blacks taste exactly like the real deal. 

Made from high-quality Blac Cav and Virginia Gold, Black & Mild takes great pride in manufacturing America’s favorite cigars. Not only do they use Grade-A tobacco in all their products, but they also use real natural flavors too, just like they did with these delightful wine cigars! 

So before you skip out of here, make sure you’re in possession of a few of our special B&M boxes that include 10-packs of five cigars sold at the lowest price online.


Black And Mild
John Middleton Co
Mild Wine
10 Packs of 5 Cigars

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